My neighbour.


May 2017.

Tall and built, blonde sandy hair, and blue eyes you could literally swim in. Sean is a very good looking man and he is fucking well aware of this.

After going throw a toxic horrific breakup which if you have read my other posts resulted in pregnancy then unfortunately the loss of my baby. Its pretty fair to understand why my trust in men has completely gone. Don’t get me wrong I know not all men are the same and there are of course some amazing ones out there, but they are hard to find. I find the ones that approach me are fuck heads. if you are in a relationship or involved with someone stay the fuck away from me and have some fucking respect, is that to hard to understand?. What is wrong with people. Don’t get me wrong I have made mistakes in the past…hooked up with someone’s boyfriend not knowing they had a girlfriend but that’s because men think its okay to lie and cheat. Are we meant to be mind readers or just close our fucking legs? but men can go out and sleep around no problem don’t fuck one girl fuck ten then you are a top man, playa.




So I have been staying at my mothers for a week, its been nice to spend some quality time with her and getting away from all the hell down south. So I went out last night for some drinks with my friend to have a proper girly catch up, got my hair done, its the best I’ve felt in ages. Had a great night with my mate Sandi, laughed all night, emotional at times but non the less lots of fun. The night ended at one in the morning, I got a taxi back home which took me about twenty minutes.

I got out the taxi, a little bit drunk and worst for wear. I stotted back home, then I saw my mums neighbour Sean coming out his friends car. Sean is a very good looking 25 year old, I always thought he was a bit sleazy I always think am a good judge of character his relationship with his girlfriend never seemed genuine. They have two kids together, it’s always felt like one of them relationships where you just stay together for the kids. Its non of my business so I never really voiced it to anyone was just a thought of mine.

“Scarlett, Scarlett” he shouts running towards me, wearing a striped shirt and looking very smart but also very drunk. ” I haven’t seen you for ages.” he says. He gives me a cuddle, and we spend twenty minutes talking outside of his house, I tell him all about what I have went through with the loss of the baby, I think when you are drunk everything just comes out, feelings emotions. He gives me a big cuddle, and starts to kiss my neck and then leans in for a kiss. I turn my head away ” what the hell! go and be with your girlfriend!” I walk away shocked, but not really I always had a gut feeling he was like that. Outside when your kids are in bed, what the hell is fucking wrong with you.

No wonder us women cant trust men, and think they are all capable of cheating don’t get me wrong there are some evil bitches out there too but men are fucking worse. They have this thought they can do anything they want sleep with as many girls as they want at the end of the day they are fucking praised for it…fucked that fit bird last night, well done mate have a fucking sticker, no actually have two!

I can never get my head around these women, that stay with their man when they have kids together and let them go out and cheat. Okay… so sometimes they don’t let them but they are well aware its happening and just do nothing. What kind of example are you setting for your children? I have a very close friend who done exactly this and still wont cut this man out her life because they have a child together… she still wants to be involved in a relationship with him knowing fine well he goes out and cheats on her. I have been in bars with my friend while her partner is in the next bar necking on with a girl, but do you feel sorry for her? because no I don’t, she knows this is happening and is doing nothing about it. Her child is not living with her, she is living with the dad in a town far away ( dad lives with his parents.) Their daughter was getting in with a bad crowd hanging around with older people. My friend is thinking about giving things another go with her child’s dad and moving away with him. crazy!

I am in one of them grumpy moods where I just want to vent lol, I will be happy again tomorrow 🙂

Scarlett xx



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