Your bouncy Harry Styles hair,

Dark brown eyes you could drown in,

Tanned skin

Your French accent instantly turning me on,

I know right then I want you to fuck me,

You look at me, then I see your eyes looking down to my breasts,

You make eye contact with me, and smile,

We are at a table with our friends,

Playing cards,

The cheap wine starts to flow,

I cant stop looking at you,

All I know is that I want you,

He goes to the kitchen,

I follow him,

We make small talk,

As I lean closer, I feel his cock is so hard against my leg,

White thin vest showing of his pecks,

I touch him and he looks closely at me,

Touching my lips with his fingertips,

I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter,

He asks me to come to his room,

I walk behind him,

Not wanting to draw too much attention,

He climbs to his top bunk,

Pulling me up with both arms,

I push him down on the bed,

Kissing his neck,

I can feel him groaning,

He puts his hands up my top cupping my breasts,

His hands so soft, so warm,

He whispers in my ear how much he wants to fuck me,

He pulls of my top and kisses down my body,

Pulling of my shorts,

Pulling my knickers down,

He kisses down my stomach,

I take a deep breath,

He uses his fingers to spread my pussy,

He licks my clit, round and round,

I am moaning,

Pulling his curly hair,

He moans too,

He pushes a finger inside me,

Leans up kissing me,

Putting his hand firmly around my neck,

I moan louder as I feel myself cum,

He rushes down and tastes me,

I want to return the favour,

“Tomorrow.” He says.


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