Suicide – A temporary situation.

A subject some people don’t like to talk about, I suppose it can be touchy as some people have very strong opinions on this subject.

I lost a friend eight years ago now too suicide, I remember him being here like it was yesterday.

Tall, blonde with glistering blue eyes and a smile all the girls went crazy for.

A true gentleman, He was more like a brother too me.

Jack enjoyed snowboarding, golf, winding up his brothers and drinking cups of tea.

A real sweetheart.

Jack unfortunately got involved with the wrong crowd.

His love for sport changed into a love of going out with his new friends.

Going on benders and taking drugs.

I saw him out and he was still the same caring sweet Jack I knew.

My sister confided in him her rape story she hadn’t told anyone.

He looked after her, listened to her made sure she was okay.

He had the biggest heart.

Loved his mum and dad more than the world.

One morning my dad saw him walking home all cheery full of smiles.

Two hours later.

He hung himself.

He spent his last final hours with his mother.

We will never know what went through poor Jacks head.

I cant help but believe some people who commit suicide are making a permanent choice based on a temporary situation.

Life can be so awful at times, we think we are going crazy and sometimes believe there’s no way out but there always is. Always.

You never know how you will feel in five years time, things can always get better. You might not feel like there are options but I promise there are so many people who care about you and would do anything to protect you.





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