The French prince.

Confirm as I click on the Facebook friend request,

Mr French prince sends me a message asking if I wanted to watch a movie.

I smile, we know what that means don’t we?

I pull my long dark hair up into a high bun,

Jump in the shower lathering my body in mint shower gel,

I pull on a blacktube dress and a pair of tiny black knickers,

Its 11am and most of the hostel are out I smile to myself,

I knock on the door praying nobody is in,

He answers the door and I am taking aback,

He stands there with no top on his tanned skin glowing,

Red and yellow beads around his neck,

His dark curly locks covering his face,

He pushes the curls out of his view,

He pulls me in the room,

Just us.” He says with a cheeky smile,

I get that excited feeling in the pit of my stomach,

I shut the door,

He uses both arms to push me up against the wall,

Kissing my neck, almost biting,

I grab his hair pulling his head and kissing him firmly,

He pulls me over throwing me on his friends bed,

I am so horny I don’t care where we are,

He lies me down,

Pulls down my dress and gulps,

He kisses me and puts his hand around my throat,

I moan pulling him closer to me and kissing him,

He kisses slowly down my body stopping at my breasts,

He bites my nipples while cupping them,

Kissing down my stomach,

He goes down on me,

I feel so warm inside, I gently touch his head,

He is moaning while he licks me,

Inserting two fingers inside me,

He then sticks his finger’s in his mouth tasting me,

He then inserts his finger into my behind, I moan,

Flicking my head back with deep desire,

Once I cum, I pull myself up and pin him down on the bed,

I kiss him, spiting in his mouth and holding him by the throat,

He is moaning louder and louder,

I kiss down his body still holding onto his neck,

He try’s to touch me,I push him back down,

I kiss down his toned stomach,

His skin so soft so sweet,

I gently lick the top of his hard cock,

Looking up at him as I circle my tongue round and round,

I take him in my mouth slowly going down then back up,

Using my right hand to cup his balls,

He moans louder and louder,

I lick his balls, as I use my hand to go up and down his hard cock,

I finger myself at the same time,

I pull myself up and gently sit on his cock,

He pushes his head back, reaching for my breasts,

I slowly bounce up and down getting faster and faster,

Then I stop, climbing of him,

Teasing him,

I take him in my mouth,

He bends me over, spanking my arse,

Pushing my head down firmly on the bed,

He roughly thrusts himself inside of me,

He moans louder this time and I feel his orgasm,

He lies down,

“wow.” He says.

wow indeed I think to myself.









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