My bad boy.

My two Italian friends where talking to this small guy with dark hair, tanned skin and green eyes. They where talking Italian, how rude I thought to myself. I noticed this young man lets call him Andy continued to always talk Italian he must not know English I thought to myself.

Days went by, I always noticed Andy he made a point of making eye contact with me and deliberately checking me out, he was not shy and I could tell this by his bad boy smile. I noticed him checking out a lot of girls this should of been the typical warning sign for me to stay clear but it made me very intrigued and I wanted him even more.

Me and my cousin soon made friends with the big group in the hostel we all decided to go out and to my delight Andy was going out too. I was walking ahead with my cousin I had shorts and a  red string vest on my long dark hair lying down my back. I knew he was checking me out, I loved it. He was chatting to his friends in Italian, and whistling I didn’t really care. I liked the attention.

We talked in the bar, his English was not great he knew very limited words but this didn’t stop him making it very clear he wanted to sleep with me. “Beautiful.” He said to me looking up and down my body, then his green eyes catching mine. He was unbelievably beautiful it was hard not to enjoy the attention I could see so many girls looking at him.

That night we had the most amazing sex, we both knew exactly what we wanted and it didn’t matter who was in the room. He flung me down firmly on the bed, pulling of my dress pushing my underwear to the side and slipping two fingers inside me, kissing me passionately at the same time. He kept talking to me in Italian which didn’t really bother me and throwing in the odd “Fucking you.” “Love your pussy,” Again I didn’t mind. He bent me over fucking me very hard. I slept in his room that night.

The next few weeks we would have sex around three times a week after nights out and just if we was bored in the hostel. The sex was out of this world, passionate, rough, dirty, Erotic at the same time. I didn’t understand a word he was saying but I didn’t care. He was a bad boy who frankly didn’t seem to have the nicest personality my Italian friends told me he was a bit of a dick but that didn’t bother me because the sex was so insane.

Our arrangement was weird and a lot of people found it funny and didn’t really understand it but we didn’t seem to care because it was just no strings fun well that’s what I thought at the time. His English started to get a bit better, I say a bit because it was still shit he learnt how to say dirty words or words which related to sex such as ” I want to fuck you.” “Fuck you now. “in the bed.” He would cook his pasta in the kitchen, always pasta or something Italian he thought he was a fucking chef. He would wink at me from across the room and if I walked past he would grab my arse. He had no shame but I secretly enjoyed it and found him very exciting to be around.

A few months later I started to develop feelings for him. We would message on Facebook to arrange sex or if we was all going out in a group. I started to want more but he made it clear it was just sex to him he told me sometimes he liked me but didn’t want anything serious. I clung to them words and didn’t make any effort to ask him out properly as I pretty much knew what the answer would be and I was very scared of rejection.

I went to do my farm work for six months, and forgot about Andy. After finishing my farm work I went to Brisbane, Andy got in touch with me and asked me to go to his hostel he said it was really good. I believed at that point my feelings had gone, boy I was wrong.

He didn’t lie about the hostel I ended up staying in the hostel for about 8 months it was a fantastic place to stay, I made amazing friends. Andy also stayed for the same amount of time but we was up and down constantly sometimes I liked him next minute I hated him. We still continued having sex, and by this point his English was very good and it turns out I finally found out what a arrogant prick he was. Self centred, talked about everyone especially girls and how they looked, smug, constantly had sex on the brain. By this point I was reeled in my feelings came back and I couldn’t get enough of him sexually. No one could understand what I was doing and why I was letting this wanker use and abuse me and the truth is I didn’t know how to stop.

The first night I was back in Brisbane, we went to his room to watch a “movie.” Within about three minutes he was on top of me, kissing my neck pulling my head back. I gasped, grabbing his tight arse and pushing him against me, I could feel how hard he was pressed up against my thigh. Andy pulled my dress of, kissing down my body, going straight down to my pussy and spreading me apart, licking around my clit. Inserting two fingers and tasting them with a smile. He lies down and pulls me onto his face, so he can taste me some more. “mmmmm” He says as he pulls me on top of his cock. I bounce up and down gently, he pulls me in to kiss him. He has already made me cum twice and I can feel myself cumin again we finish at the same time.

I sometimes regret how much time I wasted on this man, but he was my Italian bad boy and he taught me so much about my body and what I enjoyed he has opened my mind up sexually and I will never forget the amazing sex. So thank you Andy! You might be a dickhead but you was a good one!


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