A body with no sense.

That girl,

She is not who she used to be,

A body with no sense,

No real purpose,

Nothing to really to hold onto,

She walks down the street,

Her Head down,

Trying not to make eye contact with passer-by’s,

She want’s to run,

Run to a quiet place,

A place to hide,

She Walk’s into a shop,

Hoping its quiet,

She instantly feel’s her chest going tight,

Hands are clammy,

Are they looking at me she think’s to herself,

Why is my face going red she think’s,

They are laughing at me,

She tuts as she walks out the shop,

Annoyed with herself,

Work is where you can forget,

She can get on with her normal day,

Its busy,

What if one day she can’t forget?

In comes a customer,

This customer makes her very anxious,

She doesn’t understand why,

He is a lovely normal male not specially good looking,

She is anxious,

Feeling like she can barely talk,

Trying to cover her face with her fringe,

Hands shake,

She need’s to get out that situation as soon as possible,

Nothing else matters,

All you can think about is these thoughts,

No matter how hard you try,

When the situation is over,

She is so angry with herself,

So disappointed,

This anxious girl is, me.




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