A reunion.

My friend turns her baby Freddy around in his pram so he can see us while we are eating,

Sally then gives him a toy to stop him screaming as he has sore teeth,

She pulls her necklace so its facing the correct way,

As she flicks her hair anxiously as people walk past,

I tuck into my Steak pie, mash potatoes and vegetables,

Olivia is playing on her phone waiting for her lunch,

” School reunion.” Olivia says to me and Sally,

“When?” I reply,

“Next month.” She says, with a smile,

Olivia is a great friend but the type of person that has to get involved in everything,

Frankly I couldn’t think of a worse way to spend my night,

I had a bad year at school and I see most of the people I went to school whenever I am home,

I don’t talk to them now,

Just like I tried to avoid them in school,

My year was filled with a lot of arseholes,

Most of them haven’t changed,

Or am I holding too big a grudge?.



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