My Stepmother.

Growing up my dad had many women,

A lot of my childhood memories involved going to different girlfriends house’s,

I didn’t mind, I got to travel from a young age,

My dad used to tell me he had to give many of these women the red card ( Sarcastic meaning of you are dumped.)

I always thought my dad used to have many red cards stored away,

My dad is a sarcastic, Fun and would give the world to the people he loves,

My dad met Tara, my stepmother four years ago,

I have never seen my dad so happy, so content and so settled,

Tara is a gift,

I have never met anyone so chilled out,

So kind and caring,

Nothing seems to phase Tara,

Nothing at all,

I sometimes look at her and wish I could be like her,

She is happy with everything she has, she doesn’t have many friends as she is from another city,

She never seems to get lonely,

She is happy doing her own thing and going to her hometown once every month,

She has a massive love for her dog, skeletons ( I know!) and marks and spencer’s ready meals,

My dad finds this hilarious,

I came to stay with my dad and Tara after going through a tough time,

In the fridge she has left me Jelly,

Hung me up a beautiful soft dressing gown,

Recorded me my favourite crime shows,

Making me cups of tea every half an hour,

Supplying me with lots of chocolate,

Sometimes its the little things in life,

That mean….. everything.




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