Two weeks.

After betrayal through a horrible breakup and a horrific miscarriage I moved home to spend time with my family for two weeks, to try to rebuild my life and find a way to focus on the future.

After being in the most emotional abusive relationship and being broken to the ground I knew I needed to go on a retreat and concentrate on getting myself back, the old me.

As soon as my father found out about me losing my baby he drove eight hours to come and get me and take me home, He welcomed me with a flower ring, a piece of cherry pie, and lots of other gifts. I don’t think he knew how to deal with it as him and my mother lost a baby at the same age as me (26) and they found this very hard to deal with. I was on my own as I had moved to the other side of the country to be with my ex partner.

I arrived home and wanted to do lots of chilled activities but I also wanted to have fun to remember the kind of person I was.

I enjoyed going on beautiful walks in the beautiful countryside where I could just switch of and listen to the birds singing and realising what a beautiful world we live in and I smiled as I knew everything was going be okay. I knew I was at the bottom but I was going to get back to the top no matter what it took.

Wine nights with my cousin was a lot of fun, talking nonsense, and remising about old times and the adventures we used to get up too.

Coffee dates in pretty little cafes with my friends, putting the world to right.

Blogging, Learning a lot from other people and how people deal with things. This helped me more than you could ever know…so thank you.

Listening to music, Bob Marley and Fleetwood mac, lyrics in songs help me as I love something to relate too.

Meeting a hot guy and spending the night listening to music,  smoking, drinking wine, dancing and being crazy.

Indian nights and playing card games,

I wanted to change the weak person my ex had made me so I coloured my hair from dark brown to blonde,

I went shopping and spent a lot of time pampering myself,

When I get back to my town I want to walk around with my head held high.

I go back in two days, and I am feeling great!





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