Happiness is my fantasy.

When I think of my fantasy,

I think of you,

My fantasy is happiness,


Being content,

Generally so happy I could burst,

Sunday lie ins,

Bacon rolls, strong coffee,

Long walks in the park,

Laughing hard,

Sitting at the airport with you,

Excitement thinking of our adventures together,

Sipping cold rose,

Looking at each other and smiling,

Happy and loving souls,

Picking up your phone calls,

Helping each other get through our problems,

Knowing we have each other,

That’s all we really need.



3 thoughts on “Happiness is my fantasy.

      • Yes initially I thought the same, I felt that writing was a source of escapism for me where by creating a fantasy world of my own I could close my eyes on the harsh real world, but now to be honest I feel writing is more than just that. Writing also gives me a platform to connect with various lovely individuals like you who possess a creative mind as well 🙂


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