Go away I don’t want you

I thought I was getting over this anxiety, I have started taking my medication again. I have been feeling so great until today, I feel like its all coming crashing down. Anxiety for me is one of the worst feelings you can have and if you don’t suffer from it, its so hard to explain and for people to understand.

I had a few wines last night, when I say a few I mean a few bottles with my friend. I know when you are hungover you can feel down but today has hit me like a ton of bricks. Walking along the beach front with my two friends, putting my sunglasses on as I almost want to hide. My heart beating fast encase I see anyone that I know and don’t want to bump into ( Ex boyfriend.)

When will these feelings go, before I went out with shady ex I never had any anxiety but I think being in an emotionally abusive relationship can really affect you.

Them horrible feelings that you cant switch of, trying to take deep controlled breaths.

I don’t want you, go away.


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