Dear Former friend, Thank you.

When you are feeling like everything is getting better,

You are finally moving on,

You have everything that you believe you need,

The new home,




Then the best friend you believe would always be there,

Shows her true loyalty,

Shows her cold heart,

Shows the nasty streak I didn’t believe existed,

Turning her back on you when you need her the most,

Over something so insignificant,

With no real explanation,

Just the argument that she wanted someone to step up for her,

Fight her battles,

I hate violence I hate trouble,

I will never stoop to that level for anyone,

Situations can be solved without violence,

Loyalty to me means,

Being there for someone,

Through thick and thin,

The bad and the good,

Working through things as a team,

Resolving issues,

I might be alone,

Id rather be alone than have negative people in my life,

So former friend,

Hold that hate,

That bitterness.

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