Your big eyes.

Your short cropped hair,

Sits perfectly on your shoulders,

Your big eyes,

High cheeky bones,

Your stoned look,

Sunglasses perched on your head,

Your perfectly groomed outfit,

On your slender frame,

Your sharp wit,

Truthful words,

Know it at all personality

You Sarah,


Alarm people,

Never me,

I could tell you anything,

My friendship with you,

Was everything,

I brought you confidence,

When you had none,

Made you feel good about yourself,

I offered you advice as much as I could,

Always on the phone making sure you was okay,

You would sometimes let me down,

I forgave you as that’s what best friends do,

Then my nightmare happened

You threw me away,

You disagreed with the way I dealt with a situation,

Instead of trying to fix it,

You deleted me from my life,

No real explanation,

Just a missing space.


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