Am I the only one

All I see all over social media is people graduating with fantastic jobs, living in the nicest houses, married with five kids before they are thirty. Its looked at as the norm. My friend once asked me when I was going to settle down and have children and what my plans where for my future. I am only 26, I want to live my life, Visit the most beautiful places, party, make new friends, life is so short.

Is it so crazy that I don’t care about a career, I work in a day-care centre this is enough for me it makes me happy, I live in a shared accommodation. Again I don’t care about having my own house…all I really ever care about is being happy.

I am that person that wants to meet someone special, I am not desperate nor lonely but happiness is all I want, I would be happy living in a caravan. A smile is everything, Warmth in your heart and in your soul.

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