Don’t take me there, or anywhere.

Today is a pretty good day, Listening to music which always makes me feel great, perks me up and I listen to songs where the lyrics I can relate too, they are real you know. I love RAY BLAK – ” Come to my hood, my hood, you should come to my hood.”

Candles are burning and am just generally relaxing, it feels good.

Yesterday was a tough day, My anxiety was going through the roof to the point where I had to just go to sleep as I was feeling a panic attack coming on.

Crazy thoughts going through my head, its hard to explain but do you ever get that anxious feeling where you start thinking of doing stupid bad things you would never do and the more you think of these things situations the more anxious you become, my chest getting tighter and tighter.

Just stupid madness thoughts, My way of dealing with it is to give my self a shake and tell myself how daft am being, it doesn’t always work.

I also need to be alone in these situations, as I don’t like anyone to know am anxious.

Its a terrible fucking circle.

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